The Bonk Bunch
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Thursday, June 27, 2019
By Mary Renwick
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You ever look at someone and think "THAT MOM HAS GOT IT TOGETHER"?


Welp, mama Bonk HAS GOT IT TOGETHER!


Four kids under the age of 5, including a set of twin boys, and they all show up to their sessions matching adorably, and not a single kid has a dirty face.  What kind of sorcery is this?!


What I love about their session is that while yes, we have a few of those posed photos, the majority is just me following around the family to capture all the fun that ensues.  That includes the youngest daughter who made me work hard for those smiles, an oldest daughter who couldn't stop hamming it up if she tried, and two twinnies that are cruising faster than I could keep up.  And amidst it all, while I was afraid a kid would go missing, mom and dad were all "no worries, we got this."  They even had time to canoodle.  And not once did they break a sweat.




So yeah, they've got it together and then some.  We could all learn a little from the Bonk Bunch.

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