Southeast Michigan : Blayne is 6 Months : Baby Session
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015
By Mary Renwick
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She's cute, she's smiley, she has dimples as deep as craters, and she totally knows how to use it all to her advantage.  Blayne, quite simply, is perfection.  Per-fect-ion.  And she has me super duper uper excited to welcome a little daughter to our bunch this year.  


Blayne's 6 month session took place at her home, where she was most comfortable.  Lucky me, that home is a perfect backdrop for portraits.  Natural light all around, beautiful colors as a backdrop, and a super rad piece of art that I just gravitate to each time I capture her with my camera.


It's funny because Blayne was very stone faced for most of the session whenever I had my camera aimed at her.  No joke, the camera would be pointing her way, she'd get serious.  I lay the camera down, she starts smiling that big ole smile.  Little turkey, she was.  But little did she know of my mad ninja skills so I got plenty of smiley, happy pics.


I've rambled enough...although I could go on and on for days about the adorable factor that is Miss Blayne.  But instead of words, I'll tell it with pictures...

2015-04-08_0002 2015-04-08_0003 2015-04-08_0004 2015-04-08_0005 2015-04-08_0006 2015-04-08_0007 2015-04-08_0008 2015-04-08_0009 2015-04-08_0010 2015-04-08_0011 2015-04-08_0012 2015-04-08_0013 2015-04-08_0014 2015-04-08_0015


Just having a little chat with Teddy Bear, that ended in Teddy's assault...




Just had to include this trio of "outtakes".  Blayne's expressions cracked. me. up.


2015-04-08_0017 2015-04-08_0018 2015-04-08_0019


Fingers and toes.  Toes and fingers.  I love wee bitty digits.


2015-04-08_0020 2015-04-08_0021 2015-04-08_0022


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