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Friday, August 07, 2015
By Mary Renwick
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Being my niece has its perks.  (It also has a plethora of drawbacks as I'm THAT obnoxious family member, but let's focus on the positive, yeah?)  One of those perks is dragging your photographer Auntie to Chicago to shoot some fun and different senior portraits.  As we walked around the city shooting here, there and everywhere, I couldn't help but fall more in love with Chi-Town.  And when I say walk, I mean waddle.  Let me tell ya, the cabbies in Chicago have zero patience for anyone in the crosswalks, even very pregnant and slow folks.  But not even impatient cabbies could curb my love for the city.  


I love capturing seniors, and I love finding new places to shoot that will be unique from all their classmates.  Because at MJR Photography, I want you to BE BOLD, BE UNIQUE, BE YOU!


Before we enjoy the lush scenery of Chicago and beautiful face of Allyssa, Monroe High School Class of 2016, let me just say a quick reminder to clients:  I am starting maternity leave next week, August 13th, and will return shooting in late October.  If you want to book your senior session with MJR, please contact me at your earliest opportunity!  I am bookin for November and beyond, and all full senior sessions include professional hair and makeup.  There are TONS of rad options to shoot in those winter months, so don't let the cooler weather stop you!


Alrighty, it's time to enjoy some pretty images now...


2015-08-07_0001 2015-08-07_0002 2015-08-07_0003 2015-08-07_0004 2015-08-07_0005 2015-08-07_0006 2015-08-07_0007 2015-08-07_0008 2015-08-07_0009 2015-08-07_0010 2015-08-07_0011 2015-08-07_0012 2015-08-07_0013 2015-08-07_0014 2015-08-07_0015 2015-08-07_0016


Allyssa - MHS Class of 2016

MJR Photography

Michigan  and Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer


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