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Monday, May 13, 2019
By Mary Renwick
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Henry's mama emailed me a few months ago asking if she could book a session with him and his grandparents.  Then also mentioned that music is their thing, so would it be okay if they brought their trumpet and harmonica?  Uhm, YES AND YES, please!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing littles with their beloved grandparents.  Far too often, IF families get portraits taken, they're stuffy, forced, and impersonal.  Let's change that!  Every kid should have GENUINE moments, with REAL expressions, while having FUN!  Having mama email me "Mary...these brought tears to my eyes! You captured Henry and my parents so well.  omg.  Amazing.  We love you!" is all I need.  She filled my cup with her kind words and reminded me that what photographers do, matters.  


Enjoy this little bit of Henry and Company shenanigans, and then lets chat about capturing your loved ones in a fun and memorable way!

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