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Monday, June 09, 2014
By Mary Renwick
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You ever meet someone and just know they're all kinds of awesome?  Well that was the case when I met with Ryan & Stephanie during their search for a wedding photographer.  Their love for one another oozed from their pores and I knew I'd be totally bummed out if they didn't hire me for their big day.


Fast forward a day or two later and I got the great news that I was the photog they felt was a fit for them.  I may have squealed a bit.  Just a teeny, tiny...alright...lot a bit.


They have a huge love of Detroit so we started their engagement sesh at The Whitney Restaurant.  Ivy, archways, bricks, yeah...a little slice o' heaven amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Wandered around downtown then ended at Comerica, which happens to be their mecca.


There's something about Detroit that makes me smile.  There's a buzz to the city, a pulse that's begging to be acknowledged and appreciated.  Well D, I acknowledge and appreciate, and thank you for offering a treasure trove of photographic perfection around every corner.


So here they are.  A handful of pics of two very beautiful people, surrounded by the very beautiful city of Detroit.  Enjoy...



2014-06-09_0002 2014-06-09_0003 2014-06-09_0004 2014-06-09_0005 2014-06-09_0006 2014-06-09_0007 2014-06-09_0008 2014-06-09_0009 2014-06-09_0010 2014-06-09_0011

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