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Thursday, March 07, 2019
By Mary Renwick
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Every. Single. Time.


This boy slays me every single time I capture him.  From when he was still snug as a bug in mama's womb, to a hip little 2 year old dancing to a beat better than my grown husband, Lennox's cuteness just about overloads me and my camera sensors.


We ventured all around Monroe's fave spots during his session and the vibe was so chill.  Never a meltdown or dramatic moment, because too much fun and exploration was to be had.  My fave moment was when I was turning music on for Lennox, and started off with nursery rhymes.  Mama Chae gave me an arched eyebrow and Lennox was like "whaaaa?!"  We quickly changed it to Bruno Mars and I earned back some of my cool cred.  lol


Sweet moments tying shoes or kissing mama, cheeto stained hands and hip moves to Bruno, ice cream faces and silly grins, I can say this was my fave session I've ever captured of handsome pants Lennox...until the next session I'm sure...when THAT will become my fave.  I'm such a sucker for this boy.


PS - shout out to Cravings for being the sweetest spot in downtown Monroe!  If you haven't been, check 'er out!

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