Hunter I Class of 2020 I Michigan Senior
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Thursday, October 24, 2019
By Mary Renwick
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Senior sessions are my utopia.  I get to slow down and have my clients engage in more intentional posing, as opposed to my traditional family sessions where I capture on the fly.  I love both equally, but perhaps because senior sessions are somewhat rare for me, I SOAK THOSE SUCKERS UP!


Hunter did. not. disappoint.


All my cues, he did naturally.  Sometimes I would just stand there and look at him in awkward silence, and it was when he was getting ready to speak up where I got some amazing expressions.  There's a method to my madness, and he was such a champ!


I'm not really sure how to get my senior client bookings up.  I don't want to offer a model rep program.  I didn't much care for that type of thing when I was a teen myself, so it's really not my thing now.  I offer incentives and fresh session ideas.  A studio space and unlimited wardrobe changes.  Strong images and top notch customer service.  The handful of senior clients I get, I am so thankful for, because their sessions fill my cup!


If you have a 2020 grad still needing their portraits taken, or a 2021 grad starting to look around for their photog, I would be happy as a clam to be considered!  Let's make some magic together!  


In the meantime, enjoy all the awesomeness that is Hunter during his recent sesh.  We started in my studio located in downtown Monroe, wandered around the downtown area, before wrapping up in Ida.  Enjoy!

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