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Sunday, January 20, 2019
By Mary Renwick
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Winter in Michigan is pretty brutal.  Everything's cold, dead, and lacking sunshine.  Usually my creativity takes a nose dive right into the pits of despair, and my poor camera gets neglected.  








I decided winter would be a time of capturing things outside of my regular portrait work.  I choose the face, the venue, and the vibe.  


Today's little excursion took two beautiful best friends to downtown Detroit and the ever so fabulous Good Neighbor shop (  If you haven't checked the joint out, hop over to their website right now, then plan for a date to venture into the store for some great shopping in my fave part of the city.  


Ahhhh yes.  I am replenished after a brutally cold and snowy weekend, thanks to Cassidi and Karah, my lovely models, and Carli, owner of Good Neighbor.  Y'all sweetened my tea and I thank you!




If you have a business that could use a little snazzy photography, give ya girl a holla!  I'd love to collaborate!

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